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How to join the wellbeing revolution on an entrepreneur’s budget

Let’s be honest, you can get fit for free and wellness is worth it. This may be the shortest blog ever written..

Okay there is more, of course there is. We all know that we can throw on a pair of trainers and get our asses outside, walk, jog, run, move. It all counts. Ten press ups a day, a thirty second plank and some stretches will make the world of difference. The lesson here is daily action, consistency and no compromise on the self.

Wellness is no longer simply about being a size whatever; super fit or looking great in a bikini/mankini – wellness is linked to our every output. If I’m strong in my mind, so too is my body. If my body is strong I can do what needs to be done, to get me to where I want to be. My life runs better, my business is stronger and most of all ideas, solutions and our muses are more easily accessed.

But thanks to the other side of the second world war (yes I did bring the war into this wellness discussion) marketers have taught us that fitness and wellbeing is a luxury, something to buy. Sugar addictions, obesity, fertility, ashen skin, flat asses, cankles and a cataclysmic rise in the use of diet food, pills and plastic surgery are all the result of folks thinking fitness and wellness are extra’s to pay for. Add to this our beautiful crew of raw, bone broth, chia seed loving, maca powder sprinkling ambassadors and what do we have? Confusion, led by thinking the answers are outside of ourselves. (I write all of this as someone who loves to move because I know the cost of NOT moving and choosing crappy food over good food.)

There has been a phenomenal increase in physical trends in the last few years including Cross fit, BJJ and assault course type races. The main element to all of these is being part of a tribe, a community and a family – it’s easier to show up if you’re part of a crew instead of doing things alone. Note to self, those trainers can still be thrown on and a walk can be enjoyed with your friends, anytime, anywhere.

We are literally creating both our world and our bodies from our inside out, not the other way around. Another epic lie of the photo shopping age look good on the outside to feel awesome on the inside. Rubbish. Inside first please. Outside is a barometer for our mind. Start looking at people with this enquiry in mind and see how your view and insights alter.

The real truth is your wellness is priceless and costs nothing for you to take care of.  The cost kicks in when you don’t take care of you. If you’re ready to invest in something, choose yourself and choose yourself now. Tomorrow will be a whole lot easier. Put yourself in your diary, non negotiable time and contribute something to yourself today and everyday.

Gail Schock, aka G Love is a spiritual teacher and mentor. She works with individuals and groups to help make progress in business and life, without the BS.

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